Manage Custom Widget Panel

When you run Window > Manage Custom Widgets (⇧⌘W) menu, Manage Custom Widgets Panel will be shown. You can import Custom Widgets, Compositions and Pages into this panel. This panel supports Grid / Table view in Widget list. You can open and close widget information area with toggle button next to the search box.


Top Bar

  • Widget Tab : Manage imported custom widgets. Import custom widget with import button.

  • Page Tab : Manage imported custom page. Import custom page with import button.

  • Composition Tab : Manage imported custom composition. Import custom composition with import button.

  • Widget Information Toggle Button : Show or hide `Custom Widget Information`_ area.

  • Search Bar : Searches by custom widget name.

Widget Group List

Widget Group List is placed at the left side of the panel. You can browse Custom Widget List by selecting the group name.

Custom Widget List

Custom Widget List is placed at the center of the panel.

  • Import : Imports custom widget file. (iuw)

  • Refresh : Refreshes current widget list.

  • Open Folder : Opens custom widget folder.

Custom Widget Info

Custom Widget Info is placed at the right side of the panel.

  • Preview : Shows the preview of the selected custom widget.

  • Zoom In / Out : Zoom In or Out on the preview.

  • Name : Displays the name of the selected custom widget.

  • Group : Displays the group of the selected custom widget.

  • Tag : Displays the list of tags added to custom widgets.

  • Description : Displays the description of the selected custom widget.