Event Panel

When you run Window > Event (⇧⌘E) menu, Event Panel will be shown. You can add events like Scroll Animator or Variable .


Scroll Animator

Adds Scroll Animator to animate widget by scrolling. When target widget closing to middle of browser, selected value will transform from before to after.

  • X-Position : Adds Scroll Animator to X-Position.

  • Y-Position : Adds Scroll Animator to Y-Position.

  • Opacity : Adds Scroll Animator to Opacity.



Adds Variable to the selected widget.

  • Variable Name : Shows Variable list in your project.

  • Triggered Widget : Shows Triggered widget list according to the selected variable.

  • New Variable Name : Adds a new variable name.

  • Value Count : Set Default & Maximum value to the variable.

  • Trigger Action : Set Trigger Action to the selected widget.



Adds Receiver Event to the selected widget. When Equation returns True, Receiver Event will be shown.

  • Variable Name : Shows the list of variables that have Receiver Event.

  • Receiver Widget : Shows the list of Receiver Widget according to the selected variable.

  • Equation : Set Equation case. (e.g. Sample Variable = 1)

  • Scroll Location : Set Equation range of the scroll position.

  • Animation Effect : Set Animation Effect when Receiver Event is run.

  • Duration : Set Duration for the Receiver Event.