Widget Panel

Widget toolbar is at the right side of canvas. Open and close Wiget Panel with Show/Hide Widget Button in the middle tool bar. Widget panel consists of IU Widget / Custom Widget tab.

IU Widget


In IU WIDGET tab, all available widgets in IUEditor will be shown. Fundamental elements including Box / Text / Image / Static Image / Cell widgets and other various widgets used in a web page are offered. All the provided widgets are divided into Base, Complex, Programming groups. You can see the detailed information of each widget by right-clicking the widget.

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Custom Widget


In CUSTOM WIDGETS tab, custom widgets imported by Import Button (Window> Manage Custom Widgets) will be shown. The widgets can be divided into customized widget groups. You can add custom widgets on canvas by drag and drop or double clicking the widget. You can check the detailed information of a widget by right-clicking it. All the information of custom widgets can be edited at Manage Custom Widget window.

  • Refresh Button : Updates custom widget library.

  • Search Field : Search custom widget library by name or tag.

  • Zoom in/Zoom out Button : Zoom in or out custom widget library.

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