Page Setting

When you click the Page Setting button, Page Setting panel will be shown.

  • Empty Layout : Set Empty (Page Content) Page Layout .

  • Header + Footer : Set Header + Page Content + Footer Page Layout .

  • Header : Set Header + Page Content Page Layout

  • Footer : Set Footer + Page Content Page Layout

  • 페이지 타이틀 Page Title : Adds Page Title to current page.

  • 페이지 키워드 Page Keyword : Adds Page Keywords to current page. (Multiple keywords available)

  • 페이지 설명 Page Description : Adds Page Description to current page.

  • 페이지 메타 이미지 Page Meta Image : Adds Meta Image to current page. (URL)

Page Custom Code

When you click the Page Custom Code button, Page Custom Code panel will be shown.

  • Page Header Custom Code : Adds Custom Code in header of current page.

  • Page Header Custom Code for Backend : Adds Custom Code for Backend in header of current page.

Page Default Widget




IUPage is same as html document. You can change page structure in property tab.




Header is placed top of page. Header can import Header or another composition .


Page Content

Page Content is placed middle of page (Page Content cannot be removed). You can add sections in Page Content.




Footer is placed bottom of page. Footer can import Footer of another composition .



Section is placed under Page Content.


Centered Box

Centered Box is placed under Section (Centered Box can be removed). Centered Box used for horizontal-center layout.




You can add a panel by press [+] button of panel group. To call panel, create link with any widget and select link target to panel.




You can add a popup by press [+] button of popup group. To call popup, create link with any widget and select link target to popup.