Project Setting

When you run Project > Project Setting (⇧⌘P) menu, Project Setting will be shown. You can modify settings from Default , Meta , Build , Django Tab menu.



  • Project Title : Adds the title of the project.

  • Favicon : Adds favicon image (Favicon image resource is required).

  • Custom Header Code : Adds custom code which will be applied to each page of the current project.


After creation of a new project, Project Default Width cannot be changed.



  • Meta Image : Adds Meta Image for meta-data. (URL)

  • Author : Adds Author name for meta-data.

  • Project URL : Adds Project URL for meta-data.

  • Project Keywords : Adds Project Keywords for meta-data. (Multiple keywords are available)

  • Project Description : Adds Project Description for meta-data.

  • Facebook Admin : Adds Facebook Admin ID for meta-data.

  • Facebook App ID : Adds Facebook App ID for meta-data.



  • Build Path : Set Build path for built files.

  • Build Resource Path : Set Build Resource Path for built resource files.

  • Resource Prefix : Set Resource Prefix.

  • Link Prefix : Set Link Prefix.

  • HTML Port : Set HTML Port for build.


If your project’s domain isn’t the same as the root path, you have to modify Resource & Link Prefix.




Django tab is available on Django Project .

  • Django Build Path : Set Django Build path for Django build files.

  • Django Resource Path : Set Django Resource Path for Django resource files.

  • Django Resource Prefix : Set Django Resource Prefix.

  • Runserver after build : Set Runserver option.

  • Django Port : Set Django Port for Django build.

  • Python Interpreter Path : Set Python Interpreter Path for Django build.

  • Django Path : Set path for Django build.